WSA Error Code 10060? Fix It Immediately

Over the past week, some readers have shared with us that they have encountered wsa error code 10060.

WinSock error 10060 means “Connection timed out”. This means that the TCP zone has expired – i.e. the expected packet from the remote host was not received while trying to comply. If your organization is receiving this error, there is most likely a (temporary) issue with a particular server (or router) at this stage.

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Can’t connect to proxy connection attempt failed with error 10060?

TCP Error Codes 10060: A connection attempt hit a brick wall because the connected party did not respond properly after a while, or an established connection failed when you think the connected host cannot start : 17777. In general, a TCP error code 10060 usually occurs due to: DNS problems. The port is blocked.

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wsa error code 10060

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What is socket Error 10060 Windows Live?

Socket error 10060 usually indicates that experts claim that the attempt to connect to the target server timed out. This error usually occurs after your email clients or when your organization is trying to access websites.

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What is a socket Error 10060?

10060 would be a connection timeout error that most likely occurs when the client does not receive a response from the computer.tera on the internet for a specific team. Most often this happens when you try to positively connect to this server in PASV mode, which prefers a PORT for connection statistics.