The Best Way To Remove Windows Wireless Service Has Stopped Working

You may see an error code indicating that the windows Wireless service has stopped working. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem and we will talk about them in a minute. Note. Make sure your Wi-Fi driver is up to date. Go to Device Manager, find your homemade device, right click and select Update Driver. After updating the drivers, restart the affected computer. Also turn off the wireless adapter’s power saving mode using your computer’s power settings.

SOLVED: Can’t start Windows Wireless service

Don’t panic if you see the message “Windows Prepaid Service is not that important to your computer” on your PC or laptop. This is a known Windows issue and you can start the Windows Wireless Service quickly and easily.

Why is our Windows wireless service not working? Typically, this error message appears when a certain Windows Wi-Fi service is disabled on your computer. Another possible reason for this problem isYou are a faulty Wi-Fi network card in your mobile phone.

But don’t worry. We will solve your Wi-Fi problem and get your network back up and running!

How Do I Fix Windows Wireless Service Stopping?

How do I fix Windows wireless service not running?

Press the Win + R keys. The Run window will open.Enter goods and services.Find the WLAN autoconfiguration service.If this is definitely not the case, right-click on the installation and select Properties.Now change the startup type to Automatic frequently and start the service.Click Apply and, optionally, OK.

Here are the solutions you can use. You don’t have to try every man and every woman; Just do it right and everything works again.

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on your computer.
  2. Enable WLAN AutoConfig Service
  3. Update your wireless network card driver

Note. The specific screenshots below are for Windows 10 and the fixes also work on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Solution 1: Turn On The Windows Wi-Fi Service

How do I fix Windows could not start the WLAN AutoConfig service on local computer?

Restart your router.Run the network troubleshooter.Reinstall the wireless adapter driver.Check adapter settings.Restart the automatic WLAN setup.Edit the registry.Restore files using the System File Checker tool.

If the Wi-Fi service is turned off on one Windows PC, the problem is usually that the Wi-Fi service does not turn on. So also check if the WLAN service on your computer can be enabled.1:

Turn on the Wi-Fi step using the Wi-Fi toggle

Some laptops such as HP, Lenovo, Dell have a switch or button on the keyboard to enable/disable Wi-Fi (eg Fn + F5). CheckSelect the transition or keys and turn on Wi-Fi as the main service.

Step 2: Turn on Wi-Fi

windows wireless service has stopped working

In addition to Center, you should also check my Wi-Fi service under Network Sharing and make sure it’s enabled. Open

How do I reset Windows wireless service?

Click Start, type services. msc and also press Enter.Find AutoConfig WLAN Agency and double click it to open its properties window.On the General tab, change the startup type to Automatic by clicking the Start button.Start.Click “Apply” and “OK”.

1) Your system’s Control Panel and click Network and Sharing Center.

3) Right click Wi-Fi or wireless network connection, click and turn on. If it’s already enabled, see Disable by strong click.

If you’re using Windows 10, check Wi-Fi in the notification center at the bottom right corner of your desktop and make sure the Wi-Fi service is enabled.

Solution 7: Turn On The WLAN Autoconfiguration Service

The AutoConfig WLAN service provides the logic needed to configure, discover, and connect from any wireless LAN. If this is fixed, it is likely that the Windows Wireless service will no longer necessarily work.

How do I turn on wireless service?

Click on the Windows button -> Settings -> Network and Internet.Select WiFi.Turn Wi-Fi to On and the networks you can purchase will be listed. Click Connect. Disable/Enable Wi-Fi.

1) Simply press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard at the same time to open the Run window.

4) Make sure that this startup type is set toThe value is “Automatic” and the service status is set to “Running”.

5) jpg Please try again if you want to check if your Windows wireless service provider is working.

Solution 3: Update Your Wireless Network Adapter Driver

A missing or outdated card driver can also prevent the wireless service from working on your computer. You must ensure that each of our drivers is up to date.

There are two ways to update specific wireless network adapter drivers: manually and automatically.

Update the driver manually: You manually look for the latest network card driver or device, then download and install it on your computer. Sometimes this requires computer skills.

Automatic driver updates: If you really don’t have the time or patience, yourThe company can do this automatically with Easy Driver.

Driver Easy will automatically recognize your own system and the right people for it. You don’t have to know exactly what system your system is running on, you don’t have to worry about downloading the wrong vehicle, and owners don’t have to worry about downloading and installing it wrong.

You can update your drivers automatically with most FREE or professional versions of Driver of Easy. But with the Pro version, it only takes 2 clicks (and you get a complete system and a 30-day warranty).

windows wireless service has stopped working

1) Download and install Driver Easy. If you don’t have internet access, try Driver Easy’s offline scan to update your driver while avoiding the network.

2) Click “Launch Easy Driver” and click the “Scan Now” button. After that, Driver Easy will most likely scan your computer for problematic drivers.

3) Click the “Update” button next to the marked driver, then the correct type of driver will be automatically downloaded (you can provide it in a FREE version) and installedThe driver for this computer has been updated.

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