Various Ways To Fix Win 16 Subsystem Resource Shortage

Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they are suffering from a lack of win 16 subsystem resources.

How To Fix “Audio Services Not Responding” Errors In 10

If you run this Audio Windows Troubleshooter hoping that it will solve your audio problems as soon as possible, but you get an “Audio Services Not Responding” error, this means that the audio device is not responding.


There’s really not enough information about the specific causes of the “Audio services below.” error. We all know that this error can occur after updating your version of Windows with Windows 10 Update.

Therefore, it tends to be more of an audio device, since Windows updates will probably castrates the main audio services.

For Windows 10, audio services depend on three other Windows services: RPC endpoints, Remote Procedure Call (RPC), and the Launcher DCOM server process. In order to have audio on our computer, three agencies must work properly.

How To Fix Audio Service Not Responding

  • Restart audio services.
  • Update all audio drivers.
  • Add again to the system user profile using an elevated command prompt.
  • Use pWindows Registry Editor, locate the Audio Service key in the Windows Endpoint Builder registry.
  • Video Guide To Fix Not Getting Audio Services Errors In Windows 10

  • Browse
  • computer audio services Method 1. Windows
  • Method 2: Update a new sound driver
  • 3. Community Configuration Method Proper Accounting
  • Method 4: Editing the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder Registry
  • Video Guide to Fix Not Getting Audio Services Error in Windows 10
  • win 16 subsystem insufficient resources

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    Method 1: Restart Windows Audio Services

    Since the Windows song troubleshooting tool can’t do anything about the audio service not responding error, then the first thing you should try is to manually restart the websites.related to audio, which are responsible for managing audio on your PC. And some other services, including Remote Procedure Call (RPC), RPC Endpoints and DCOM Process Launcher Server Are, which are required for the Windows Audio service to function.

    1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

    3. Scroll through the list of services but find RPC Endpoint Mapper. If it doesn’t work, right click and just click start.

    4. Locate the startup DCOM server process. If it doesn’t work, right-click and click Start.

    5. Locate the remote procedure call (RPC). If this doesn’t work, right-click and click Start.

    6. Scroll through the list of services and find Windows Audio Endpoint Builder. Right-click Information Technology, and then click Properties.

    7. Open the Startup Type menu, select Automatic, and then click Apply.

    ten. Open the Startup Type drop-down menu, select Automatic, and then click Apply.

    Method 2: Update The Audio Driver

    If you have a problemwe are with sound during an audio driver update, it may be because you have installed incompatible drivers. Drivers can also be very incorrectly installed. Thus, you can try to update or reinstall the player using the Windows Device Manager.

    3. Identify valuable audio equipment, as there may be several.

    5. Click the Quick Drivers button. Windows will look for the latest driver for your device and install it automatically.

    6. If the updated audio driver is not noticed. You can try reinstalling them.

    9. Restart your computer to allow Windows to automatically download and install audio drivers easily.

    Method 3: Correct Local Configuration Account

    win 16 subsystem insufficient resources

    If your local scales configuration has been falsified, your windows. at the command prompt and enter the instructions below to fix it and automatically start the new music service.

    2. Type CMD in the box and hold the dialog’s Run button Shift + Ctrl + Enter to open a command prompt.

    3.In the command prompt window, type also press ENTER.

    in net Administrators Localgroup / add NetworkService

    4.Type Administrators net Localgroup / add LocalService and press Enter.

    5. Type SC AudioSrv CONFIG start=automatic and press Enter.

    6. Type REG ADD “HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesAudiosr” /V/T, start Reg_DWORD /D 2 /F, and press Enter.

    7. Finally, using Secedit, type /cfg/configure%windir%infdefltbase.inf/db defltbase.sdb/cumbersome and press enter.

    You can copy and paste all the commands in this article, linked in the YouTube description.

    Method 4: Edit The Registry Key From Windows Audio Endpoint Builder

    The Windows Registry contains a huge set of low-level settings that can potentially be used to reconfigure or prepare for some audio problems. This method is to modify the valuable documents of the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service. Please note that you must be careful when editing the Windows Registry to prevent problems in the future.

    2. In the Run dialog box, type regedit and click OK.

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