Steps To Fix The Problem Vmm32 Vxd Not Found

You may get an error that vmm32 vxd was not found. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem and we will talk about them in a minute.

  1. As soon as I saw that I was using Windows ME and needed to install programs, I received the following messages:

    Windows cannot run because VMM32.VXD is not found or it is corrupted. You need to reinstall the installer if you want VMM32.VXD.

    I did a search on Google and on this site, but saw different opinions as to whether I could just copy the file to my hard drive using DOS.

    I would like to know if I can copy the VMM32.VXD file for this Windows 98SE PC to a sensitive floppy disk and use DOS to copy it to the WindowsSystem WinME folder. If not, then the only option is to format and reinstall Windows?

    EDIT: I took out my D: drive which has a lot of data on it and rebooted. Windows loaded correctly. I wouldn’t understand. My brand C: is Maxtor and drive D: is Western (WD). I have a constant problem with PC recognizing Maxtor as master and WD as slave. The jumpers are set correctly and the drives are properly installed via the IDE cable. I must subkeyto WD to another IDE cable and hope this solves the problem.

    I think the reason I got the VMM32.VXD was an error because the PC thought the slave drive was the master.

    RE-EDIT: I have moved WD to the focal point of the secondary IDE connection. The CD-RW was easy to get when plugged in. I tried three alternative jumper positions on the WD but couldn’t get the PC to read both drives and then the CD-RW. I reconnected the WD to the secondary connector on the main IDE cable and rebooted. Everything was recognized and Windows booted normally. I may never know why I need this, but it has happened before. I would like to make it more visible before starting this post because I would change the title. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  2. Windows Me… *trembling*

    than crashing the operating system.

    IMO, it was about as stable as installing Windows 95 before SP.

  3. You can copy VMM32.VXD from a specific Windows ME drive, but I don’t think the Win98SE file is the same version.

    The problems I see are those that are always present when looking for files on a CD. They are for .airport taxis, so it’s best to use WinZIP in the same way or on any other computer to find the right file in each .taxi.

  4. Originally posted by tonysolomon
    I think this will be the reason I got the VMM32.VXD error because the PC thought the slave drive was the master.

    Click to enlarge…

    Thank you for trying to help us resolve the issue with VMM32. I didn’t realize there was no problem with this after I last started this thread. I just found the VMM32.VXD file in the WindowsSystem folder which is using the browse function. Then I found it in DOS too when I typed “C:dir vmm32.vxd /s”.

    I said I wanted to change after I figured out when the PC was trying to find the entire OS on the slave drive. (see quote)

    Now Windows boots normally. Howeverhowever, this is not the first free time I have had this problem. I always move the slave drive to another IDE cable, run it through so the PC recognizes them on that cable, and move it back so I know when you should be back to normal. If I have this problem again, I can create a new topic. Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions.

    Robot, no problem. But I’m leaning towards Windows 2000.

    vmm32 vxd was not found

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  5. Just as a warning so that I read this thread and understand that you can repair VMM32.VXD yourself from the installation CD.

    The VMM32.VXD on the installation CD is an empty compressed file. In the meantime, an empty file is copied to the local hard drive, and most of the drivers required for the actual installation are added to the unused VMM32.VXD file on the local hard drive.

    If you restore VMM32.VXD from the current installation CD, you will lose the drivers that were added by theJust for your computer. The best thing you can do to bring VMM32.VXD back to life is to reinstall it (as the warning usually says, although it was misleading in this case)

  6. If you are still stuck with VMM32.VXD, you can repair it with full instructions here:

    Edit: Just noticed someone posted the same link then, well…