An Easy Way To Fix Robot Parallax Errors

Recently, some of our readers came across a well-known robot parallax error message. This problem can occur for many reasons. Now we will discuss them.

Are You Having Problems With Your ActivityBot?

This page lists some of the most common problems encountered when calibrating or programming an Activitybot to help you get started.

If no one has found your specific issue as shown below, or needs further assistance, please contact Parallax Technical Support via email ([email protected] ). ) or call 916 (toll free: -624-8333 888 99-STAMP US only). You can also post a question on the tutorial forum to get help from the community.

Problem: The ActivityBot may be up and running, but not moving on schedule or restarting while running.

Decision. First, if the servos aren’t spinning normally, check that the power switch is probably in position (where 2 drives the servo heads) and not position 1. If that doesn’t help, check the batteries usually. Weak or improperly installed batteries will not provide enough power to run the ActivityBot in all areas. Can this prIs it slowing down, rebooting, or losing functionality?

Problem: ActivityBot is on and charging (on batteries) but doesn’t move at all and/or moves slowly and erratically.

Decision. If the servos don’t spin at all, first make sure the power switch part is in position (where 2 drives the servo heads) and not in position 1. If that doesn’t seem to help, check the positions of the servo port reflectors. The jumper for P12 as well as P13 should be set to VIN – if it’s set to 5V the servos won’t get enough power. Follow the instructions on the Electrical Connections page to move the bouncer and then recalibrate.


Issue: The ActivityBot’s servos and encoders are powered when a certain 3-position switch is in position 1. Possible

Decision. A short circuit has damaged your own activity map (original or WX version). Position 1 atusing a 3-pin connector must not supply power to the 3-pin connectors in front of the breadboard to which the servo encoders are connected. This problem can often be caused by shunt jumpers P12 and P13 being moved around while the activity board (original or WX version) was powered by a USB port or barrel connector. Unfortunately, there is almost certainly no solution to this problem. Before this happens, contact an expert computer support service (see contact information at the top of this page).

Problem: When this ActivityBot is connected with a computer USB cable, it does not have a COM port registered for it and/or an error is displayed on the Internet (card not found or card may not be used correctly).

robot parallax error

Decision. Check the problematic USB connection using Activity the Board (Original or WX). The USB port after the ActivityBot is designed to match the Mini-B port and is thin. Although it appears to be secure, sometimes the cable does not always fully insert into the port, which may mean that your computer does not recognize the connection or is givingerror.

Problem: The ActivityBot is moving in the opposite direction as programmed.

Decision. Check current servo cables. A common mistake would be to accidentally switch the wires for just the left and right servos, causing the ActivityBot to roll back as it should move left and forward when it should move right, etc. Make sure the left and right connections match the electrical connections. page and instructions, then perform the specific calibration again.

Problem: ActivityBot positions itself correctly during calibration, but then doesn’t make any decisions when doing other activities in the lesson.

Decision. The right and left encoder connectors can be swapped. Prevents human ActivityBot from miscalibrating or using information from encoders. To see if this is the problem, look at the calibration table type or try one of our programs here. A successful calibration will often display bars with increasing and decreasingdecreasing values, like on the ActivityBot calibration page. Instead, replacing one of the encoder cables will result in long strings of identical specifications, as in the icon below. Reconnect the encoder cables following all instructions on the Electrical Connections page, then re-calibrate.

Problem: During a fix, the ActivityBot stands still for an unusually long time, and one or both of its wheels won’t start to spin.

Decision. Make sure that the servo cable A and the encoder cable do not need to be interchanged (see the test program here for a quick check). If so, your interpolation table will look like the one below (the printout is the switch for the left servo above the left encoder). If the stop wheel does not rotate, you can swap the left servo and encoder cables. If the right wheel does not turn by itself, you can swap the right servo and encoder terminals. If you are not moving, you may have swapped the right and left sides. Check the alignment again with the electricalconnectors and website, and then try calibration again.

robot parallax error