Solutions For Reinstalling The Vista Bootloader

If you have seen how to reinstall Grub Bootloader Vista, this user guide should help.

  • This wiki is for Windows dual boot users who reinstall a great operating system only to find that it has denied them direct access to another operating system.

    If you want to restore bootloader from XP, Vista or Ubuntu 7 (Grub), this guide will help you.

    All four parts of this manual require downloading from a CD or DVD. If you don’t know how to do this, take a look here.

    Also, if you make a mistake and want to revert the changes, partially follow the instructions for reinstalling the previous bootloader. For example, if your company installed Vista on Ubuntu, plans to get an Ubuntu bootloader.back, but still wants to get the bootloader.back landscape, just follow the Vista bootloader installation course.

  • See this paragraph.


  • Boot from the great Windows XP setup console or fromXP Recovery CD. You will come to the good part where you will be asked if you want a repair or restoration. To do this, press “r”. If you’re motivated, enter Windows XP as an administrator. This will take you to the command line, so enter the following two commands: Type

fix loading

How do I rebuild GRUB?

Type sudo grub, this will take you to the GRUB prompt. Now you can enter GRUB commands of your choice.Type find /boot/grub/stage1.Then use each of the locations returned above and issue the command my root (hdX, Y).Then enter our own setup(hd0) or hdX command, as appropriate.Type quit to exit GRUB and restart your computer.

  • then
  • Then, remove the XP CD. If everything went well, you need to access the xp bootloader.

Windows Vista, 7 Or 8

How do I reinstall GRUB bootloader?

Access the installed system by simply chrooting it, following the instructions in Section A.1, “Chrooting from a Live Image”.pereusCheck out the sheds that provide the bootloader files.If necessary, create a firmware boot entry.Reboot the user system in Fedora.

  • First, boot from the Windows Vista/7/8 installation DVD.

    If you have one of my many OEM computers that crashed with a Windows installation disc, you can achieve the same effect with a Windows recovery disc that anyone can boot from Win7-32bit (e.g. Win7 64bit) or create another Windows Vista. /7/8 computer (See this page for Win7 and create your own Windows recovery disk and the Windows 8 UEFI recovery USB must be FAT32, another Win8 guide). When the regional settings appear, select your location/keyboard settings, then click “Nexte”. On the next sheet, click on your “Repair your computer”. On the next page, while reviewing your installation, make sure the items are NOT SELECTED before clicking Next. Then click “Command Prompt”. In general, enter the following commands: 7

reinstall grub bootloader vista

bootrec.exe /fixboot
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
  • Now close some windows and click Reload. Boot your DVD through Windows and hope Windows users close the appropriate bootloader.
  • Note. These methods may work with older (non-UEFI) firmware where the Windows boot files cannot be corrupted and the age group of the Windows boot partition is probably intact. In other cases, you will actually need a Windows installation disc or a recovery disc, as described above.

Run Live CD Boot Repair, click Options, Advanced, Repair MBR, click Apply.

This will probably automatically restore the normally used Syslinux MBR and set the boot flag on the Windows boot partition. It will also tell you if someone’s Windows is wellawaiting repair (see up to this guide).

Using The Command Line

1. Boot directly from a Live CD (or Live USB) of any latest version of Ubuntu and select “Try Ubuntu” to bring it to your desktop

2. Mark the partition from which Windows boots, also with the “boot” flag. For XP and this Vista, the primary partition is, of course, C:. Windows is usually useful (but not always) and has a nice separate 100-200 MB boot partition labeled “SYSTEM” partition component. There are also more black sand settings where two versions of Windows were installed on the same drive, or where the primary Windows partition is a logical partition. In these cases, it turns out that there is one primary partition with some sort of Windows boot files that actually needs to be marked as active, and your organization needs to determine what that is. Once you’ve done that, open Gparted and see if there might be a “download” listed in the column below the banners for that section. If not, highlight the partition and go to the menu “Section” → “Manage Flags”, uncheck “Boot”, then afterClose the window and close Gparted.

How do I restore my bootloader?

Try to successfully boot the device from the data recovery CD or Windows 10 installation media;On the “Settings” screen, click “System Restore”;Then select Troubleshoot -> Boot Repair and select the exact operating system for which you want to try repairing the bootloader.

3.The following two methods assume that Ubuntu’s boot drive is probably /dev/sda. This is almost always the case, but in unusual BIOS settings where there is more than one hard drive, the boot drive might be something other than /dev/sda. In such cases, the Adjust command is really useful.

If an Internet connection is available, open a better terminal and run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install lilo

reinstall grub bootloader vista

sudo lilo -M /dev/sda mbr

How do I restore GRUB bootloader after installing Windows?

Run the program and select ADD NEW ENTRY in EasyBCD Toolbox.Select “Linux/BSD” in the operating packages column.Under Type, select GRUB (Legacy) and also click the ADD ENTRY icon.When prompted to reboot, select YES.

If you’re not connected to the Internet: Recent versions of Ubuntu contain a /usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin file that is only 440 bytes in size, which must be created at the beginning of the mbr using this terminal command. A WARNING! Be very careful with this check and check for typos before running it.

sudo dd if=/usr/lib/syslinux/mbr.bin of=/dev/sda

4. Now restart your computer, remove the Ubuntu CD and boot directly into Windows.

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