The Best Way To Fix Blue Screen Issues On Nintendo DS

Sometimes your system may show an error with the message “nintendo ds blue screen“. There can be several reasons for this problem.

I’ve heard that the Nintendo Switch Blue of Death (BSoD) screen has been annoying lately. So I did a little research and here are also 4 proven ways to fix BSoD on Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Blue Screen of Death can be solved by holding the Potency button for 12 seconds to fill up the Switch. But then reboot. If the issue is still not resolved, boot the Switch directly into recovery mode, then click “Reset to factory settings without deleting save data”.

This is just one of four ways, and if this was not your task, do not worry, we will definitely help you solve the problem.

What Causes BSoD On Nintendo Are Switch?

How do I boot my Nintendo into recovery mode?

With the console turned off, press and hold the volume up and down buttons, then press the corresponding ON/OFF button to activate the method. Be sure to hold down the volume buttons until you see a specific recovery mode menu.

There are many reasons for a BSoD. Some of them are easier to solve, while others are a little more difficult.

Corner Seam Missing

According to Repair Haijin, the only reasonThe reason why so many users have BSoDs is the lack of a connecting corner. And this without a corner joint made the Nintendo Switch quite fragile.

To put it simply, if you drop your Nintendo Switch in any way, the processor can easily come off due to the lack of a corner joint, which will further lead to a blue screen of death.

It’s scary. The Nintendo Switch lacks a feature that holds the CPU in place in the event of an absolute fall.

If you agree with Then Japoneses, read the full tweet here .

Use The Dock

While this third-party device is indeed unusual, it has happened to some visitors so it is worth mentioning.

Nintendo Switch works great with most docks, but there are times when Nintendo Switch gets stuck on the blue screen of death due to dock file connection.

Uselessness Is Quite Common. Of Course, I’m One Of Those People Who May Have Heard That Hard Resetting The Nintendo Switch Fixed The Blue Screen Of Death.

Well, In These Inconsistencies,In Some Cases, Files Or Missing Files Are The Root Of The Nature Of The Problem. And This Is The Main Cause Of Most BSoDs.

After Looking At Most Of The Causes, It Takes Hours To Figure Out How To Solve These Problems.

Method 1: Restart Your Nintendo Switch

If your Switch is experiencing minor issues, you may be able to resolve the issue by restarting your console to fix it permanently. This has led to more people than you think.

When the Nintendo Switch is stuck in Then Blue, next to it, firmly press and hold the power button for 12 seconds.

After shutting down News, press the power button again to restart it.

Method 2: Hard Reset Your Nintendo Switch

nintendo ds blue screen

If you’re experiencing a BSoD, this is the first model I recommend you try.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose all your information, saved data, screenshots and only videos.1:

Step. If your Nintendo Switch is stuck on a blue screen, we will forcibly turn it off by pressing and holding the power button for 12 seconds.

Step 2. Now press and hold There is a volume up button on #1 (+) and a volume down button (-) to activate.

nintendo ds blue screen

Step 3. Press and hold the volume up (+) and volume down (-) buttons to enter recovery mode

Recovery Mode activated Nintendo Switch

Again, all tips other than Sava data, videos, screenshots, and information will be deleted.

If you can’t boot into recovery mode, your website should go straight to Method 4-5.

Method 3: Let The Battery Drain

If you are unable to boot your own Nintendo Switch using the recovery method, your only option is to leave the console until the blue screen appears and let the main battery dry.

After the battery is completely discharged,Connect the charger to the simulator and restart part of the console after a while.

Step 4 Remove Method: All

This method is like an extreme weapon in your arsenal. I recommend using it only when nothing is sure to work.

Sorry, I couldn’t help you find a way to make a full backup, when the switch is connected to the network, a blue screen appears.

These steps are the same as in method 2, but if you want to be sure, you can follow these steps:

Step Step 1. When a blue screen is displayed on Nintendo Switch, you can turn it off completely by simply pressing and holding the power button for 12 seconds.

Step 2. Step 2. Now turn down the volume (+) and turn down the volume (-), then press the power button to turn it on. Quickly release the power button when the device is turned on.

Step 3. Continue activating the download switch in Rehabilitation Mode by increasing (+) and decreasing (-) the volume.

This will also erase everything from your console, so use that if nothing else works.

If none of these plansdoesn’t work, it means there’s a much bigger problem and you need to send your Switch in for repair.

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