Help Fix How To Make MP3 CD With Winamp Error

Over the past few days, some readers have told us that they have learned how to make an MP3 CD using Winamp.

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  • Re: Trouble installing Sarge (Debian 3.On 1r7) Amiga Gratteri: 4000t
  • From Daniele
  • Date: Tue, Jan, 29 09, 15:02:00 +0100
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  • Good morning!

    Not so long ago for usI have tried the tricks withdebian kernel 2.4.27 on this CD: caused me a kernel panicNCR Buggy 53C710 SCSI drivers. But he had less for somethingscreen.days y

    A few years ago, I got T christian. Wrote Steigies and asked him to do itInclude the 53C710 controller backup in our kernel images it compiles: he also answered that, I have the opportunity to look for an experimental core thatseems to work with SCSI technically, but gives me a headachebecause this one doesn't display anything on the screen! But for some it's business as usualkernel 2.6.This is sent:Search dmesg SAVEKMSG magic…Aux 4448byte found Linux 0x001dc010>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Version 2.6.24-rc8-amiga (Debian2.6.24~rc8-1~experimental.2~snapshot.10176) ([email protected]) (gccVersion 3.3.6 (Debian 1:3.3.6-15)) #1 Mon Jan 28 00:45:45 CET chipram 2008Warning: not available for debugging.

    Amiga computer system found: [A4000T] BLITTER video AUDIO A4000_SCSIA4000_IDE KEYBOARD floppy disk MOUSE SERIAL PARALLEL A3000_CLK CHIP_RAM POLA LISAALICE_PAL ZORRO3console enabledInitialization : [debug0] – 07db4449 08000000Creates a list of zones in zone order, roaming group enabled Total pages: 32,480

    Kernel get line: root=/dev/ram ramdisk_size=9000debian-installer/framebuffer=false video=clgen: debug=mem BOOT_IMAGE=vmlinux.tmpPID hash table entries: 512 (order: 9, bytes)Console: 2048 color fictitious system 80x25Dentry cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 4.65536 bytes)Worktable entry inode cache hash: 8192 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)Memory: 124544 KB / 124 656 KB available (1776 KB kernel code, 4512 KB data, 128 KB initialization)Security platform initializedInitialized LSM CapabilitiesMount cache hash table entries: 512Initialize cgroup subsystemscgroup subsys cpuacct initializednet_namespace: 64 bytes savednetwork: family diary 16SCSI subsystem initializedZorro: testing AutoConfig expansion devices: four. devicesNET: Registered Family Protocol 2Hash table cache entries IP resolution: der 1440 (Order: 0, 4096 bytes)TCP created normal hash entries: 4096 (byte order: 3.32768)TCP hash table entries: 4096 connections (order: 2, 16384 bytes)TCP: optimized hash tables (set 4096, bound to 4096)TCP Nevada Idaho or RegisteredCheck if the image is an initramfs… it will beFree Initrd: storage freedVFS: 588 KB disk share dquot_6.5.1Cache Hash Table Entries Dquot: 1440 (order 0, bytes)Io 4096 noop scheduler registeredpre-registered I/O schedulerI/O Scheduler Registration DeadlineI/O scheduler cfq registered (default)Console: toggle, the image storage device becomes 80×25 color.fb0: Amiga frame storage device with aga 1280 KB video memory.

    cirrusfb: Notebook CL RAM picasso4 detected; (32 MB) visiting $4,200,000, <6> REG$4,260,000Cirrus on Zorro Bus Logic chipsetcirrusfb: driver for creating cirrus-based logical graphics cards, v2.0-pre2Integrated serialized Amiga driver version 4. There are 30ttys0 built-in serial port of your AmigaFD: search for unitsfound <5>fd: unrecognized disk 0, default fffffffffd0RAMDISK driver initialized: 16 9000 KB RAM disks with unit block size 1440Cycle: loadedE-IDE Unified Cross-Platform Driver Version: 7.00alpha2ide: preLags the system bus frequency of 50 MHz for PIO modes; overwrite completely with idebus=xxide0: IDE (type A4000)53c700: gayle interface 2 v.8 from [email protected]: 53c710 rev. 2scsi0 ~ A4000T Embedded 53c710 SCSIscsi1: ed. 2scsi1:0:0:0:0:warpengin 40xxdirect access to scsi QUANTUM VIKING 9 ii.1WSE 5520 PQ: two ANSI: 2 target0:0:0: start of domain checkscsi 0:0:0:0: Enable beacon command queue target0:0:0: target0:0:0: asynchronous FAST-10 SCSI 10.0 MB/s ST (100 ns, offset 8) target0:0:0: domain check skips write tests target0:0:0: End of domain checkDriver ‘sd’ needs to be changed – please use bus_type methodsscsi 0:0:0:1: disable beacon command queueMouse: PS/2 mouse, common to all mouse keyboardsInput: Amiga as /class/input/input0Input: Amiga mouse equal to /class/input/input1TCP bic registered registeredNET: Shared Protocol 1NET: registered protocol family 17NET: Registered Protocol Family Preserved 15type 1 task statisticsscsi: wait for bus tests to complete…scsi CD-ROM 0:0:3:0: CD-W512SB 1 teac.0K 2 packages: ANSI: 2 target0:0:3: start Target0:0:3: domain check asynchronous target0:0:3: FAST-10 SCSI MB/s 10.0 ST (100 ns, replaced by 8) target0:0:3: check the skip test domain of the conversationov target0:0:3: End of domain checksd 0:0:0:0: [sda] 17836668 512 byte hardware sectors (9132 MB)sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write protection disabled

    sd 0:0:0:0:[sda] also Write Cache: Enabled, Listen Cache: Enabled, NoneSupport DPO or even FUAsd 0:0:0:0: [sda] 17836668 512-byte Universal Serial Bus sectors (9132 MB)sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write protection disabled

    sd is 0:0:0:0: [sda] write cache: enabled, read cache: enabled, probably notSupport DPO or FUA sda: RDSK (512) sda1 (SFS^@)(res 2 spb 1) sda2 (SFS^@)(res 2 spb 1)sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] SCSI drive connectedWarning: not possible, allowing the first console to be opened.Z2RAM: 0K Zorro ram II product and 384K chip (total memory 384K)amikbd: Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga-Recast-Warning!!amikbd: Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga-Reset-Attention!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Now gaming my SCSI controllers (built-in A4091 and Warp Engine) and therefore peripheralss are recognized correctly, don't panic 🙂But the kernel, if anyone wants to complain about the lack of a RAM chip, doesn't seem to have any RAM available at this time.debug, and no application can open the method(?).thisWhat could be the problem?– ___ __Daniele – __|___ Gratteri, Italian Commodore Amiga user… ///| / |__/ Nick: FIAT1100D 53943994 Icq -: Ritmo S75 ///| __ __|__ Homepage: ___| forever! /// [email protected] …since 1990 ///

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