How Can I Restore Findrow? 0x8004010f Failed

It’s worth checking out these recovery methods if you’re getting findrow failure error 0x8004010f.


I’m having issues with emails from smaller clients, with the exception of Outlook emails disappearing since 2010. When a remote control user accesses e-mail remotely, they are usually greeted with the following message.

At the moment this problem seems to be unique to one user, but I don’t know what language the problem is in and how to fix it.

User host address: XX.XXX.XXX.XX

Exception Type: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Sttorage.StoragePermanentExceptionn
Exception message not possible: find string by condition.

Call Stack
Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Ststorm.QueryResult.SeekToCondition(SeekReReference, QueryFilter seekFilter)
Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Ststorm.UserConfigurationion.QueryCconfiguration ons(Folder folder, SortBy[] sorts, String configurationName, UserConfigurationSearchFlags searchFlags, MaxRow, columns int32 PropertyDefinition[])
Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Ststorm.UserConfigurationion.GetIgnoringCache (UserConfigurationMaNager managera, folder, folder String configurationName, UserConfigurationTypes freefetchType)
Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Ststorm.UserConfigurationManager.InternalGandUserConf iguration(StoreId folderId, ConfigurationName, string UserConfigurationTypes freefetchDataType)
Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.UserConfigurationUtilities.Get FolderConfiguration(String configurationName, UserContext userContext, StoreId folderId)
Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.UserContext.GetAllFolderPolicy ()
Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.UserContext.OnPostLoadUserCont ext()
Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.RequestDispatcher.PrepareReque stSansSession(OwaContext owaContext, UserContextCookie, userContextCookie)
Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.RequestDispatcher.InternalDisp atchRequest(OwaContext owaContext)
Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa.Core.RequestDispatcher.DispatchRequ is(OwaConowaContext)
System.Web.HttpApplication.SyncEventExecutionStep.System.Web.HttpA Application.IExecutionStep.Execute()
System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionStep Boolean& action, fillSynchronously)

Inner Exception
Exception Type: Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptiononJetErrorReadVerifyFailed
Exception Message: MapiExceptionJetErrorReadVerifyFailure: Could not find table row. (hr=0x80004005, ec=-1018) Context: Diagnostics…… Cap: 7315 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Cap: 62393 Cap: 5587 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Cap: 57233 Cap: 6483 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Cap: 7659 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Cap StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 14373 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 9253 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 13861 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 27265 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 1750 —- Lid Remote Context End: ROP27 —- 96] 17082 ROP Error: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 27489 Lid: 21921 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 27962 ROP: ropExtendedError[250] Lid: 1494 —- Remote Context Beg —- Lid: 26426 ROP: ropSortTable[19] Lid: 21970 Storec: 0x8004010F Proptag: 0x668F0040 LID: 14164 STOREC: 0xFFFFA1D 0XE5E0003 PROPTAG: cOVER: 8660 StoreC: 0x8004010F 0XE5E0003 PROPTAG: cOVER: 21970 STOREC: 0x8004010F 0XE5E0003 Proptag: cover: 12628 STOREC: 0xFFFFFFC06 Caps 2221 Storeec: 1 x 0645 StoreEC: 0xfffffc06 cover: 10213 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Cover: 9189 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Cover: 1750 —- end of remote context —- cover: 27962 ROP: ropSeekRow[24] cover: 27962 ROP: ropFindRow[79] cover: 17082 ROP Error: 0xFFFFFC06 Cover: 23649 Cover: 21921 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Cover: 27962 ROP: ropExtendedError[250] Cover: 1494 Remote Bet Context —- Cover: 26426 ROP: ROPFINDROW [79] Cover: 21970 Storec: 0x8004010f Proptag: 0x668F0040 Cover: 14164 Storec: 0xFFFFA1D 0xE5E5E: 0003 PROPTAG: 0003 Coating: 8660 Storec: 0x8004010F 0xE5E0003 PROPTAG: Cover: 21970 Storec : 0x8004010F 0XE5E5E0003 PROPTAG: cover: 0xFFFFC06 cover 2221 sTOREC: 0xFFFFC06 cover: 0xFFFFC06 cover: 0xFFFFC06 cover: 0xFFFFC06 Cover: 0xFFFFC06 Cover: 0xFFFFC06Skin: 13925 SHAPEC: 0xFFFFC06 Skin: 15653 Shapec: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 46665 Lid: 11621 Shapec: 0xfffffc06 Lid: 21483 Lid8: 8 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06 Lid: 1750 —- End Remote Context —- Lid: 26824 ROP Error: 0xFFFFFC06 Cap: 29726 Cap: 18462 StoreEC: 0xFFFFFC06

Call Stack
Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionHelper.Message, throwiferror(string Int32 hresult, Object objLastErrorInfo)
Microsoft.Mapi.MapiTable.FindRow(limit constraint,bookmark, bookmark, indicator)
Microsoft findrowflag.Exchange.Data.Storage.QueryResult.SeekToCondition(SeekRe< /wbr>Link, QueryFilter seekFilter)

We’ve just restored our BES server (the beta version we’re using has ZCB) so everything is up to date with BES 4.1, with Outlook in the past (no SP2) and the GA version of ZCB. Everything seems to be fine, who just tested the BB at their point. Server sync broke last night as a way to access this account… that’s exactly what I see in the MAGT log, but after restarting the server it shows some information so I don’t know what/what I’m supposed to be for. I have logs like _before_ restarting BES this morning if needed. All of this (does it make sense 30.06?

[40136] 07:53:31.500):0xDA0 CalICSAgent::GetDirectoryNameSync directory website obtained from registry: C:Program FilesResearch MotionBlackBerry in Enterprise ServerAgentsICSSync for Findrow 0x8004010f Falhou
Findrow 0x8004010f Non Riuscito
Findrow 0x8004010f Mislukt
Findrow 0x8004010f A Echoue
Findrow 0x8004010f Fehlgeschlagen
Findrow 0x8004010f 실패
Nie Powiodlo Sie Wyszukiwanie 0x8004010f
Findrow 0x8004010f Fallo
Findrow 0x8004010f Misslyckades
Oshibka Poiska 0x8004010f