How To Fix E-tax Error 1030

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported to us that they have encountered error 1030 on their electronic income tax return.

One of the benefits of filing your electronic tax returns on time is that you can experience all the great downloads from the ATO servers.

1200: The e-tax servers are temporarily unavailable. Please check your tax refund and try again later. 1030: The operation timed out (0x00002ee2) 1030: The server returned an invalid and even unknown response (0x00002f78).

Deposit Failed: Previous Deposit Saved So I guess it’s still a success, I wasn’t given a tracking number. Okay.

So I went to the website and filed my tax return on the last day of etax 2009 for fiscal year 2008-2009. Everything went well, down to the amount I deposited. I press the last button on the way to “Registration with the tax office” I get “Error 1030: There was also a problem. Please try again.” I’ve gone through the help and ran tests that say you can contact their servers and it’s generally fine. I did disable and firewall. I don’t know about proxies.

I’ve tried calling people on the number they gave 1300 1300 21, but each time their phone froze And it moved for me, and the second time it gave a delay “more than usual” (aka “normal”)). All

If not, was this issue a sufficient reason for etax 2009? Vista 32 amount for reference….

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Blad W E Podatku 1030
Erro De Apresentacao De Imposto Eletronico 1030
Oshibka Podachi Elektronnoj Nalogovoj Deklaracii 1030
E Belastingaangifte Fout 1030
Erreur De Depot E Tax 1030
전자 세금 신고 오류 1030
E Steuer Einreichungsfehler 1030
Error De Presentacion De Impuestos Electronicos 1030
Errore Di Deposito Della Tassa Elettronica 1030
E Skattdeklarationsfel 1030