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Spy Protection

Spying in general is a problem that affects many more people these days, both professionally and privately. Bugs will certainly be easy to buy, even though micro cameras and digital voice cameras are so advanced that we worry and fear they are being spied on. We understand that by making a simple investment, outsiders may download and use information about our lives or businesses with us.

In the case of industrial espionage, competing agencies may use very sophisticated and mature technologies, since the information obtained in this way can cost a lot of money. Luckily, there will be a way to protect yourself from it. Spy Shop offers many tools that can listen to a new or micro camera and interfere with its operation. Detective Store also offers professional systems that effectively protect conference rooms. Room locator services are expensive and must be performed regularly to be absolutely sure of the safety of business meetings. It is worth buying a system that neutralizes ittralies wiretapping.

Detection Of Listening To Analog And Digital TV Phones

All listening devices emit an electromagnetic indicator with information. It doesn’t matter if they were FM stations (the usual kind of radio) or bugs that work on the same principle, but sometimes in a higher range. Increasingly popular are bugs based on GSM telephony with universal range, or more sophisticated bugs that operate on WiFi or Bluetooth® wireless systems. In this way, each of the individual signals can be measured by high-frequency measuring devices.

Electronic eavesdropping devices are based on measuring the strength of the received signal: the closer the receiver is to the entire source, the stronger the signal. As you get closer to the upcoming intercept, the indicator gets larger, and the greater the distance, the smaller the indicator becomes. This helps our organization locate the transmitted signal. Depending on the needs, my partner and I offer very simple detectors such as the RF Bug Detector, which is excellent forIt is suitable for creating the simplest solutions using a common device – the Aceco SC1 frequency counter, and this solution is more advanced, making it analog, GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth eavesdropping devices or even those using the latest WiMax technology can be detected.

Raksa iDet is undoubtedly a complex solution – small but with great potential, simple and intuitive to use. It is able to recognize and store in memory all the information about each found radio transmission, detect the signal and calculate its strength and record it on the way for further analysis. We also sell solutions for professionals, both very precise and delicate – PRO-M10FX or CAM-105W. For specific tasks where information security is paramount, each of us has uncompromising protection systems to help neutralize electronic surveillance – such as the spectrum analyzer from Oscor Green, now the American company REI.

Wireless Micro Cameras And VCR Detection

Sometimes wiretapping is usually not enoughPrecisely, which is why surveillance strategies also use video (mostly cameras in addition to the built-in microphone, so there is no need to use another electronic listening device for professional audio equipment). Thanks to the miniaturization of devices, we can buy mini cameras that can be placed almost anywhere. We also offer ready-to-use solutions – camouflaged video cameras that will look great in the office or at home. It can be a pen, a watch, a smoke detector, a detector, a gadget – a high-tech camera of a very small diameter, equipped with a power supply, a global recorder or a broadcaster can be placed in almost any object. p>

Wireless cameras are clearly visible. You can use a frequency counter – any used for eavesdropping, as it works best on the same basis. It is also common to use specialized detectors that pick up the signal coming from the camera and display the provided image, such as the WCH-350X. Thanks Because you can see them from the camera image, you can easily find their location.

Another common problem is the detection of VCRs, recording devices that do not emit much radio waves, making it impossible to locate a video camera system using the alarms described above. In this case, optical detectors can help, the knowledge of which is based on the purposeful reflection of light from a lens. They consist of lasers with illuminators and special optical systems. The user looking at the target offers a coin. If the camera lens is in the search field of the detector, it becomes visible as a luminous dot. The big advantage of this solution has always been that this method works with any type of camera – wired and wireless. It doesn’t matter that they work, maybe not.

Electromagnetic And Acoustic Jammers: Protection Most Often Associated With Conference Rooms

dm1000 error codes

Another way to eavesdrop on security measures is to disable the listening device’s work route. WildernessThe trees can be divided into two groups. The one who points them out is known as the radio jammer. These devices generate electromagnetic noise at the wavelengths used by potential interceptors. Prevents this data transmission by blocking the radio concept within the range of the device. We offer jammers operating at a variety of frequencies depending on the needs of the business, compact, for private use, such as the Pro HJ-121B. In addition, there are other types such as fixed systems, all of which work with sensors that respond to unwanted signals (ST-202 UDAV-M), which is ideal for conference rooms. And finally, advanced and powerful devices that can be used to provide additional protection to institutions such as prisons by preventing prisoners from talking on cell phones. Some jammers prevent the GPS from blocking tracking of a tracking device that may be permanently placed in the vehicle.

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