How To Deal With Cowon E2 Troubleshooting?

It seems some of our readers have come across a known error message while troubleshooting cowon e2. This issue can occur due to a number of factors. We will discuss this below.


* If the battery power is low or really empty.

Please contact us online as we will try to help the person in any way we can.

+ I want to factory reset my device.

To delete all iAUDIO documents in E2, connect it to a PC and format it to FAT32

files. Formatted after deleting all product files.

If my battery is completely dead, charge it before you start

cowon e2 troubleshooting

of the player. The time hint may change depending on the battery level.

state. If the pro doesn’t work at all, reset the button on each of our back page logs.

pages. FYI, RESET will only turn off the power and not

Do not damage the product or delete the transfers stored on the device.

Check if numbers are set to “0”. If you check if the file appears in

player. If there is no file on the disc, you probably won’t hear any sound. Pay attention

Damaged files may cause noise or interruptions in playback. Of course

The supplied headphones are properly connected. A dirty headphone jack can

Try pressing the reset button on the back. If a person often disconnects from the network

or unstable internet connection, plug the player directly into someone’s USB port

A PC, not a separate USB hub. USB must be used as products

Connection to the main type of power system, unstable power consumption is possible

Storage capacity displayed by Windows may vary accordingly

Specified by the memory manufacturer. Actual capacity will be reduced

Slightly different from original size as some space needs to be used in this case

* The battery is not suitable or completely discharged.
* If the player just turned off by pressing the reset button.

The COWON website ( may provide users of
cowon products with FAQ support (FAQs).
Users are strongly encouraged to visit the websiteSee the website for more instructions on using the product and updating the firmware.
Please contact us for custom requests so we can better serve you online.

+ I want to factory reset my device.

How to delete more or less all files in iAUDIO E2, connect it to PC and format files to FAT32. Formatted after all product files can be deleted.

If the battery is completely discharged, charge it before operating the player or damper. Charging time can vary greatly depending on the state of charge of the alternator battery. If there is no doubt that the player is working, press the RESET button on the back of
. For your information, RESET only turns off the power and
does not damage the product or erase any software stored on the device.

Make sure the actual volume is set to “0”. Check here if the file is offered for sale in
Player. If there really are no files in the player, the relatives will not hear any sound. Please pay attentionBe aware that corrupted files may cause noise or stop playback. Make sure the headphones are properly connected. Dirt in the headphone lift can cause noise.

Try one of our RESET buttons on the back. If the connection or connection drops frequently, especially connect the player to a PC USB port and not to a separate USB hub. COWON products use this
USB connection for the main influence system, unstable power supply may lead to
connection failure.

+ Storage capacity associated with Drive is different or
much more than advertised.

cowon e2 troubleshooting

The storage capacity reported by Windows may differ from that specified by the memory manufacturer. The actual
capacity will be less than the original size because another memory area must be used more than the
system area to support normal operation.

You can only read tips and tricks in the user guide, detailed guide or installation guide COWON IAUDIO E2. You can find answers to all your questions about COWON E2 iaudio in our User’s Guide (information, specifications, safety instructions, dimensions, accessories, etc.). For details on how to use this guide, see the User’s Guide. User COWON Instructions IAUDIO E2 User Suggestions < strong>COWON IAUDIO E2 User Manual COWON IAUDIO E2 Manual depend on instructions COWON IAUDIO E2 COWON manual IAUDIO strong > strong> E2 Your COWON Manual IAUDIO E2

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Solucion De Problemas De Cowon E2
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