The Easiest Way To Fix ActiveX Remote Workplace Connection Error Online

Sometimes your computer may display an activex Remote Web Workplace connection error message. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

Which ActiveX Control for Remote Desktop? means that the Remote Desktop ActiveX control is definitely one of the ActiveX controls that are only supported by Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Remote Desktop Services are services supported on a Windows network that provide isolated access to other desktops on the same network.

This article provides workarounds for an issue that prevents you from connecting to a remote computer or starting a computer from a remote application when launched using TS Web Access or Workspace Remote Web.

Applies to: Windows 10, all editions, Windows Server R2
Original number 2012 KB: 951607


On another computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 3 or (sp3) Windows Small Business Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1), you may experienceThe following symptoms:

  • When trying to connect to a remote computer, Remote Desktop Web Connection prompts (tsweb) to disable this “Connect” button. The TS web page may also contain the following warning message:

    Remote Desktop Connection ActiveX control not installed. No accessory can be installed without the field version installed. You


    When you try to install the Remote Connection Desktop 6.0 client, you get an absolute message that it should already be installed on your computer.

  • When using the Remote Workspace Web Site (RWW) to connect to a specific remote computer, you will find that not everyone can download the Remote Desktop Connection ActiveX control. Or you get the following specific error message:

    How do I fix Remote Desktop connection error?

    To solve this problem, determine which application you are using is using the same port as RDP. If the port assignment of this for cannot be changed, change the assigned RDP port by updating the registry. changes After each of our registries, you will need to restart the Remote Desktop Services service.

    Invalid server.


    Internet Remote Workspace is a feature well-available in Microsoft Windows Small Business Server SBS) (Windows.

  • If you specifically use the Terminal Services Web Site (TSWA) to connect to a powered off computer or launch the Remote Desktop Help application, you will get a basic error message: This website requires, I would say, a terminal. Service client. which must be set in the object system and which is not displayed. Install the latest version of the client and make sure you have the latest major Windows updates installed before proceeding.

  • When using Windows Home to connect to a remote access computer to a website server, you may receive the following error message: Add-on disabled This web page is looking for an add-on that is disabled. Click here to activate the To add-on.Also, if you try to connect to your own Windows Home Server or manage your computer, you may receive the following error message:

    This feature requires that the mail address of your Windows Home website https://my be added to the Trusted Sites zone in Internet Explorer. To add an address Windows Home Server Web Store, open the Internet Options dialog box Explorer internet and click the Security tab. Select “Trusted Sites” and click the “Sites” button. Add each address from our websites using the “Add” button and click “Close”.

    How do I enable Remote Desktop Services ActiveX client control?

    If most of the Internet Explorer information bar is not visible, you can enable ActiveX processing using the “Manage Add-ons” utility in Internet Explorer’s “Tools” menu, and then enable whatever is labeled as “Terminal Services” or “Remote Desktop”.


    activex remote web workplace connection error

    After customers add a home server to rotate the trusted site list, the same error message is returned and customers still can’t connect.

  • activex remote web workplace connection error

    When accessing a new Home windows Server using Remote Web Access, you may receive an error message:

    Add-on disabled This website is requesting an add-on that needs to be disabled. Click here to activate the To extension.

    Additionally, when trying to activate the Windows home server, clients may receive the following confusing message: To connect remotely to a home or server PC, you must add the Microsoft Terminal Services client control or the Microsoft RDP add-in. but included dfor your web browser. If you choose not to install add-ons, refresh the page and install them when prompted. If not, enable this unique add-on using the “Manage Add-ons” asterisk in the default web browser state, or refer to your web browser’s documentation to learn how to enable the Idea add-on.


  • Reason

    This issue occurs when the Remote Desktop Connection Client ActiveX control is not enabled in our web browser. By default, the ActiveX control is disabled after installing a third-party Service Pack for Windows XP (SP3) or Windows Small Server Business SP1 ’03.


    1. Launch Internet Explorer.

    2. Visit the website causing this issue.

    3. If you are using Windows Explorer, internet do the following:

      1. In the Tools menu, click Manage Add-ons, then click Enable Add-ons or Disable. The Add-Ins dialog box appears” “Manage.
      2. Finding all add-ons for our client terminal ActiveX control Microsoft Services Control Entity or Microsoft Client rdp Control ActiveX Control. If no one can find the control, see the instructions in the “If the control does not appear in add-ins” list at the end of this section.
      3. Click Manage, click And, then Support, click click OK to close the Manage Add-ons dialog box.

      How do I know if my remote connection is enabled?

      Open the control panel.Click Security & System.under the Allow System box, click the dial-up the Remote tab.In the Remote Desktop section, select the Allow isolated connections to this computer check box.

      If you normally browse the Internet using Explorer 6, do one of the following:

      1. On the Tools menu, click Manage Add-ons. The Manage Add-ons Container dialog box opens.
      2. In the list of add-ons, look for the Microsoft Terminal Services Client ActiveX Control, or is it the influence of a specific Microsoft RDP Client ActiveX Control. at the end of this section.
      3. Click on the control, click Activate, then click OK on the dialog and the Manage Add-ons window will close.
    4. Add your Enter the Internet Trusted Sites list in Explorer.

    5. Restart Internet Explorer.

    6. Try connecting to a remote computer. Or try launching all applications remotely.

      Why is my remote login not working?

      The vast majority of the most common reasons for an RDP connection to fail are due to network connectivity issues, such as when a firewall is preventing access. You can use ping, a real telnet client, and PsPing from your last local computer to test an online connection to a remote computer. First try pinging the ud hostname orfixed IP address.

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